2015: Our year of baking…

Alice In Wonderland Pocket Watch Macarons

If you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter you’ll probably have seen some baking over the last 12 months that hasn’t made it onto the blog. Sometimes we spend so much time baking that it’s hard to find the time to blog about our creations, especially since we also work…. Click here to find out what else we got up to last year.

Santa in Bed Cake

Earlier in the year I made an Easter cake and Halloween cake for charity raffles in the office. I decided that I would offer to make a Christmas cake. I had no idea how I was going to decorate, but for some reason I decided that when I got home after my Christmas party it was a good time to start decorating it! After a quick search on Pinterest I found a cake that looked quite quick to make so I based it on that. Click here to see Father Christmas in bed!

Gingerbread Bird Box


Making a gingerbread house has become an annual event with my friend Anne. Each year we seem to spend more time talking and drinking tea and less time making and decorating our gingerbread! It’s great fun and hopefully we’ll be doing it for many more years to come. This year I decided to make a bird box and keep the colours simple with just white Royal icing with a few red highlights. Click here to keep reading.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Last weekend we had a Reunion/ Christmas get together with our NCT friends, which we offered to host. Baking with a 7 week old baby is challenging, but I was desperate to bake something Christmassy and fun!   I chose a design that could be done in stages so I could fit it in around looking after little Emily. Click here to see what I baked.

Rockin’ Robin Cupcakes

Last year before Christmas I made some cute little penguins to go on top of cupcakes. They were pretty quick to make so given I only had an hour left before I wanted to go to bed last night, and I had 11 undecorated cupcakes, I decided to try making some robins in the same way! Click here to see how to make them.

Winter Scene Christmas Cake


Last year I didn’t get round to writing about the Christmas cake I made, mostly due to being over ambitious with what I wanted to do before the big day – there were so many thing I wanted to bake, Christmas decorations I wanted to make and prepare for 12 people coming to ours for Christmas. I’d never hosted Christmas before either! So I thought I would write a short blog about it this year in between feeding, nappy changing, playing and watching Emily sleep – it’s amazing how much time you can spend just watching your little one! Click here to see how to decorate the cake I made last year.

Minion cupcakes

I went through a phase a couple of years ago of making minion cakes. Since then the minion baking has been limited but I’ve been wanting to make some cupcakes like these for a while. So for Tom’s hockey match a month ago I made a batch of yellow minions with 2 evil purple minions. It was a bit of a rush so I shoved them in the box without managing to get any good photos. I really wanted to share them on the blog so I decided to make them again! Me want banana!->


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