I have to admit, that like all contestants on the GBBO, I have never made a souffle! I love to eat them, but for some reason, I have never got round to making one, so this week I was actually a bit nervous – especially as you regularly see failed souffles on cookery programmes. Click here to see if I rose to the challenge.


It must be time for another blackberry recipe! I haven’t baked any cupcakes for a while, so thought I would make some seasonal ones. I made some chocolate cherry ones a few months ago and liked the idea of combining dark chocolate with the fruit. I also love the colour from the blackberries so added a blackberry puree to the buttercream, to give a pretty pinky purple colour. I also used the left over blackberry and white chocolate ganache to put in the middle of the cupcakes – delicious! Click here to have a go at the recipe.

I was really excited about patisserie week – I was hoping that the technical challenge would be something pretty and I wasn’t disappointed! Although these involved making various types of icings, which looked complicated and quite different to what I normally make, they turned out to be easier than I expected. Click here to keep reading.

Rubber Duck Cupcakes

After a lot of indecisiveness (usually the case if I haven’t already got a plan about what I’m making!) I decided to make some rubber duck cupcakes for the cake trolley the other week. I had plenty of sugar paste left from cakes I’ve made over the last few weeks so some simple decorations to use it up seemed like a good option. Click here to see the rubber ducks!


I had my parents coming to visit this weekend as well as a few other friends popping over to visit, so this weeks Bake Off technical challenge was perfect, it meant that I had a yummy cake to offer everyone! I make quite a lot of fruit cakes, so I was keen to try this recipe to see how it compares. I have made my own marzipan a few times, but I have never made my own sugar paste, so this would be another thing to tick off the list. Click here to see how I got on.


Last year was a bumper year for blackberries, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside in Kent and plenty of hedgerows filled with blackberries. I think I picked around 20kg last year and really enjoyed trying all sorts of recipes to use them up. I’ve been out a couple of times this year so it’s time to start making some goodies from all of my pickings. I found a recipe for walnut biscuits and adapted it to sandwich the biscuits together with a yummy blackberry and white chocolate ganache. Click here to try this lovely recipe.

I was intrigued about this weeks technical challenge. It didn’t seem to bear any resemblance to anything I’d made in the past. It certainly wasn’t like any pastry recipes I’d tried. I can see why the bakers got confused – it felt like it belonged in bread week rather than pastry week! What to know what a flaouna is?


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