Last year for Easter Emma and I were back at our parents for a few days, so we thought it was about time we made a mess of Mum’s kitchen and did some baking! We wanted to do a slightly different take on a traditional Simnel cake, and came across this yummy chocolate orange Simnel cake recipe. The decoration was another idea taken from Pinterest. So if you haven’t made a cake yet, this one is lovely and the decoration is fairly simple too. Click here to keep reading…

Spring Bird Cupcakes

IMG_3011Last weekend it definitely felt like spring had arrived. We’d also had some lovely sunny days at the start of the week so I couldn’t resist making some spring cupcakes but after I made these on Wednesday evening the weather suddenly changed – I woke up on Thursday morning to see it was snowing! However, these little birdies definitely helped to brighten the day. “Chirp chirp, tweet tweet, chirp…” I mean click here to keep reading.

Single tier wedding cake

cake cornerThis wedding cake was a last minute favour for somebody at work. Luckily though, I didn’t have to make the cake, just ice and decorate an 11″ square fruit. It was a single tier cake and I loved the simplicity of the design they chose - a white cake with purple and lilac flowers around the base.

Speckled Mini Egg Cupcakes

 Word of warning – if you make these cupcakes you might end up with a speckled kitchen too! Still want to have a go at making them?

Family Tree Cake

P1160752 Over the last few weeks it really has started to feel like spring has arrived. We now have lots of daffodils out in our garden and the sun has been shining! So I thought that this cake was perfect to blog about as it has a real spring feel to it. For our favourite fruit cake recipe and how to build your own family tree cake click here

Pigs in the Mud Cupcakes

IMG_2968In my office there is a cake trolley every Friday for charity – the charity changes each month. February’s cake trolleys were to raise money for Maggie’s Centre in Newcastle – Maggie’s offers free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends. Until last week I’d been busy every Friday in February making cakes for other people. So last Friday was the first week I was able to bake something for the trolley and I wanted to make something slightly different so on Thursday night this little piggy stayed home and made these piggy-themed cupcakes!

Paw Print Birthday Cake

IMG_2944 A few weeks ago it was my 30th birthday! I knew Becky was going to make me an amazing cake for my Alice in Wonderland themed party so I made myself a simple, not decorated, white chocolate and cherry cake for the office. I did however get to make a decorated birthday cake that week for somebody else in the office. Did a dog just walk over the cake?


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