flowers and flutterbiesI like all kinds of baking and cake decorating and I love being asked to make anything, but after 3 minions, 2 pandas, and a sooty cake, it made a nice change to be asked to make some pretty cupcakes. I also like being given the opportunity to come up with the decorations myself – the only instructions I was given for these was that they had to be purple and silver with flowers and butterflies. Perfect! Click here to keep reading.

Panda Cake

I have always loved pandas. There’s something about them that makes them adorable. Many years ago my mum made me a panda cake for my birthday but despite my love of both pandas and cakes I’ve never made a panda cake myself. I decided it was time to change that. So this year I decided to make myself a panda cake for my birthday. My birthday was on a Monday and the weekend before I’d been trying out different red velvet cakes with my friend Nic to find the best recipe to use for her wedding cake, so it seemed sensible to use the left over cakes to create my own birthday cake. With hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best idea – it’s distressing enough cutting up a panda cake, but when it’s red on the inside… I’m still recovering from the traumatic experience. Keep reading – I promise there are no photos of cut up pandas…

whole cakeI love being asked to make cakes. But I love it even more when I get asked to make something that I haven’t made before, especially if it’s going to be a challenge. So I was pretty excited when Tom’s brother, Rem, asked if I would make his wedding cake. Of course I said yes, and came up with some suggestions. I gave them some traditional ideas but knowing that they both like rock climbing I said they could have something a bit alternative. I sent them a few photos of ideas and was pleased when they went with the ice climbing one – the white made it look more like a wedding cake than some of the other ones I found. Click here to keep reading.

Cheeky Monkey Cupcakes

20140604-205218-75138848.jpg In my office, if you go on holiday there’s a tradition of bringing back holiday treats. However, I tend to bake something instead. Rather than using an ingredient from my recent trip to Borneo, I decided to make something related to what we’d seen. Click here to keep reading.

Easter Chick Cupcakes

hatching chick cupcakesI have so many things to blog about that I struggled to decide which one to start with. After the lovely spring weather this weekend though I though it would be appropriate to blog about these little hatching chick cupcakes first. Are you ready to watch some chicks hatch into cupcakes?

Toblerone Cookies

toblerone cookiesThe last week or so has been chock-a-block with baking. I’ve lost count of how many large cakes I’ve made. But before I add them to my blog I thought I’d share a recipe with you, while I can still remember what the ingredients are! Click here to keep reading…

Mars Bar Cupcakes

20140215-205717.jpg Last weekend I told Tom that I’d make something for him to take to hockey. However, just over an hour before he was due to leave I realised I hadn’t made anything. Ooops. So I decided to see if it was possible to bake and decorate some cupcakes in an hour. The answer was yes… just! Click here to keep reading.


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