Falling Flower Wedding Cake


Last weekend was my sister-in-laws wedding and I couldn’t have been more excited! When we arrived at my mother-in-laws on Wednesday evening, it felt just like Christmas, with all the excitement and anticipation of the big day. There’s something really special about a family wedding. I was over the moon to be asked to do the cake and when the design was chosen I was really pleased to discover that it was something different to anything I had attempted before.

Click here to keep reading and get the recipe for the rocky road layer.

Maid Minion Cake

IMG_0368 (2)
It’s been a while since a minion has appeared on here so I thought it was about time I posted the last one I made (about 7 months ago now!). This is probably my favourite minion and I’d been waiting for somebody to ask me to make it so I was very excited when my Auntie Sarah asked if I’d be able to make one for my cousin Molly for her birthday. After I’d finished it I was really pleased with it, especially the expression – Ooooo, is that a cupcake?

Skiing Cupcakes

photo 1Last weekend I was in London for one of my best friend Sian’s 30th birthday celebrations. You can’t have a birthday celebration without cake, and given I was staying with Becky on the Friday night I offered to make her something. She didn’t have any specific requests so I decided to theme it with the place we were going for the evening which was an “apres ski”-style bar. Click here to keep reading.

Pretty in Pink Cupcakes

P1170334A few weeks ago my close friends James and Jen had a beautiful baby girl. I was keen to make some cupcakes as a gift, but having made the baby face ones several times I was looking to try out something different. Click here to find out what I made…

Last week the weather suddenly changed and it started to feel like autumn. It was also National Cupcake Week. So you can probably guess what I did at the weekend…. I made some autumn-themed cupcakes!

A Woodland Wedding Cake

I’ve been busy making a friends wedding cake over the last few weeks, so I haven’t had much time to bake anything else, so this week I am going to tell you about the most interesting Wedding cake I have made, inspired by the oak trees surrounding the venue in Richmond Park. Here’s what I made…

Balloon Cupcakes


This week is national cupcake week, possibly the best week of the year! I have been baking lots of cupcakes recently in particular for the hen parties I have been to this month. The 1st of 3 hen parties was for my lovely friend Anna who I met through our running club, she is getting married at the end of the month (look out for the blog about her wedding cake next month). I decided to do something different for her cupcakes rather than making the usual silly rude ones.

Click here to find out what I baked…


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