Easter Chick Cupcakes

hatching chick cupcakesI have so many things to blog about that I struggled to decide which one to start with. After the lovely spring weather this weekend though I though it would be appropriate to blog about these little hatching chick cupcakes first. Are you ready to watch some chicks hatch into cupcakes?

Toblerone Cookies

toblerone cookiesThe last week or so¬†has been chock-a-block with baking. I’ve lost count of how many large cakes I’ve made. But before I add them to my blog I thought I’d share a recipe with you, while I can still remember what the ingredients are! Click here to keep reading…

Mars Bar Cupcakes

20140215-205717.jpg Last weekend I told Tom that I’d make something for him to take to hockey. However, just over an hour before he was due to leave I realised I hadn’t made anything. Ooops. So I decided to see if it was possible to bake and decorate some cupcakes in an hour. The answer was yes… just! Click here to keep reading.

macaronsAfter my successful attempt using hazelnuts to make macarons rather than ground almonds the other week, I decided I would try another nut. Next on the list were cashew nuts – mainly because I had a couple of bags in the cupboard. As well as experimenting with the recipe I was also experimenting with my new camera – for my birthday I treated myself to an SLR camera. I was playing around with all the settings to work out how to use it, so I ended up with loads of photos which are all only very slightly different! So over the next weeks some of the photos might be slightly experimental… But hopefully better than the ones which I’ve been taking on my phone until now! Right, back to the macarons….

Minion Birthday Cake

20140205-201340.jpg Last weekend was an epic baking weekend – I managed to make four cakes and a batch of cupcakes. I’m still not entirely sure how I fitted it all. Especially since I had a cake disaster – my first one ever. I guess I was due one! I still don’t know what went wrong, but a sponge cake exploded – it was like a volcano. We tried a bit and it tasted like vanilla sponge should so I’m completely baffled. But anyway, back to the minion…

Raspberry Blowing Minion

minion cakeI’ve made 3 minion cakes now, and I’m aware my blog is starting to look a bit like it’s been taken over by minions, but it turns out that everyone loves a minion cake so I keep getting asked to make them! So here is the third one I made. Minion number four will be created this weekend so I thought I should put up some photos of this one to spread them out a bit… Are you addicted to minions too?!

hazelnut macarons I remember looking around my house before I bought it and thinking that the oven was probably rubbish – it looked as old as me. However, after four and half years of baking in it, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change it… even if somebody offered me a brand new top of the range oven. After all the hard work it’s done for me over the last four and half years, I decided it was time to give it a really good clean. And by that, I mean going as far as taking the glass out the door and leaving it to soak so I could get every last little mark off it. After about 2 and a half hours it looked almost as good as new – or as close as I could get – so I decided that I would test out the “new” oven and bake some macarons. Click here to keep reading.


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