Rustic Red Velvet Wedding Cake

W0125_433Just over seven weeks ago I made this wedding cake for one of best and oldest friends, Nic. It was very different to anything I’d made before – no fondant icing or fancy decorations, just cake and buttercream. Nic and Alex wanted the cake to be the desert so they chose red velvet (which is also Alex’s favourite cake flavour!). Had I known that the wedding was going to be in a marquee on the hottest day of the year, I probably would have tried to suggest a different cake! Click here to keep reading.

Bake Off Fun!

IMG_0937AWe are massive fans of the Great British Bake Off and I keep meaning to have a go at some of the technical challenges to see just how hard they are. So when my parents came to visit and bought along loads of home grown pears I thought I would take the opportunity to challenge my Mum and myself to have a go at baking Paul Hollywood’s mini pear pies. Want to find out who the Glover pear pie champion is?!

Hydrangea Cupcakes

IMG_3271.JPG At the moment I’m in the process of moving house. This means that we don’t have any internet yet. I’m therefore slightly restricted with what I can blog about at the moment – I can only post things which I’ve taken photos of on my phone. I was planning on writing my next one on the red velvet wedding cake which I made several weeks ago for one of my best friends, Nic. However, the best photos of it aren’t on my phone so instead here are the cupcakes that I also made for the wedding. Click here to keep reading.

A Spring Wedding Cake

P1060277A4 years ago two of my old house mates got engaged, they called me up to tell me the exciting news and asked if I would like to make their wedding cake. How could I refuse! I’d never made a wedding cake before so when Chloe suggested a design she liked I spent some time getting advise on how to do it, it wasn’t just a straight forward 3 tier cake. The cake mimicked the design of her beautiful dress. Click here to see this unusual cake.

Hen do Cupcakes

IMG_2497aOne of my friend’s, Kiri, asked me if I could do some baking for a hen do she was organising last weekend. I don’t like to declining baking opportunities so I said yes. However, given all the running around I’ve been doing recently I didn’t have much time. So what was going to be biscuits and girly cupcakes ended up being these. Keep reading…

Under the Sea Cupcakes

P1170320Every year the company I work for takes part in the Enduro Challenge. This is an endurance relay event where a team of 6 athletes race from Tower to Tower – The Tower of London to The Eiffel Tower. Teams run from London to Dover, swim across the English Channel (in only a swimming costume!) and then cycle from Calais to Paris. Yes, this is an extreme triathlon! I’ve taken part a couple of times and have helped support the race the last few years too. It’s an enormous amount of fun and incredibly hard work and the athletes that take part are thoroughly deserving of plenty of homemade cakes! So it has become a tradition that I supply some home baked goodies, preferably themed for the event. So this year I have been busy baking some sea creature cupcakes.

Want to find out what’s lurking in the English Channel!?

Transport Cake

Kids birthday cakes are one of my favourite cakes to make, especially when I get to come up with the design myself. As much as I love making pretty wedding cakes or cupcakes, there is something so fun about making bright, bold decorations for kids/novelty cakes – they are simple to make but always look so effective. So I was really pleased when Nadeem asked if I was able to make a transport themed birthday cake for his son Zahi’s second birthday. Want to find out where the train is heading?


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