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IMG_3133I love being asked to make cakes that are a bit different and this one was definitely different! Trudy said she wanted a cake for her husband that incorporated his 2 loves – cows and football. With a cake like this, it’s not something that you can google to find a cake to copy and I had no idea what it was going to look like until I started making the cows. Click here to keep reading.

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Last weekend was another cross country race and that gave me another excuse to try out a recipe I haven’t done before and experiment with the decorating. I chose stem ginger cupcake as I wanted a flavour that would be warming in this cold weather, also I hadn’t made them before so it was good to tick off another recipe from the long list! I struggled a bit to think of something to theme the cupcakes with as this time of year seems to be quite uneventful, unlike Christmas. So I chose to make some cows and daisies that could incorporate a subtle red and yellow theme – by using red and yellow centers for the daisies – Serpentine running club colours. Click here for the recipe and decorating instructions.

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