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cookie monster cupcake

I only started this blog at the end of September 2012 but I’d done a lot of baking before that – I hadn’t realised quite how much until I started drafting this post. Although I’ve manged to post some of the things I made at the start of the year, I doubt they’ll all make it onto here in their entirety. So, here’s a summary of my favourite ones from each month….

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jimmy choo shoe box cake

This was the cake which I made to go with Kiri’s cupcake shoes – if you have a pair of shoes, you need a box to go with them. So, for the main cake I made a carrot and ginger cake and disguised it as a Jimmy Choo shoe box. The cake is from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book (yes, I’m slowly making my way through all the recipes). It was huge but tasted really good. Click here if you want to keep reading.

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DSCF8369Where do I start? This weekend my sister Becky came up to stay and we had a non-stop baking weekend so I’ve got so many things to blog about. I’m going to start with these shoes. Our first baking project was to make a cake for Kiri’s birthday party on Saturday night. Kiri LOVES shoes so when she asked me to make a birthday cake for her I knew exactly what I would make. I’d seen a photo of cupcake shoes on this website ages ago and I’d been looking for a reason to make them – Kiri’s birthday was the perfect occasion. Fancy some edible Jimmy Choos?

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