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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust over a month ago it was Emily’s 3rd Birthday. Being a typical 3 year old she was changing her mind every day about what kind of party and cake she wanted, slightly tricky when trying to plan things! Her favourite cuddly toy is her panda and so when I suggested that she had a panda themed party and cake, she seemed very excited and the idea stuck, phew! She takes after both her Aunties with her love of pandas. She asked for the cake to have a Mummy panda, a Daddy panda and and Emily panda on as well as some bamboo, so I did a bit of research and came up with a design. Click here to take a look at the panda cake.


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PB062198.JPGCan’t believe the bake off is over again for another year! It’s been another great series and I’ve really enjoyed watching it. I am quite relieved there are no more technical challenges though! I haven’t enjoyed them as much as previous years as some of them have been a bit obscure and required special equipment which has made trying the recipes at home a bit more challenging. I was tempted to get Rich to have a go at this one on the BBQ, but decided against it! I used the grill and a griddle pan instead. Click here to see how I got on with the final challenge.

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