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boozy robin cake

So it’s probably a bit late to actually make a Christmas cake (I made mine about 6 weeks ago and it’s been injected with brandy once a week since then!) and maybe even too late to decorate it. But if you’re feeling ambitious then how about decorating it with drunken robins?! If you want to, here’s how.

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family of snowmen

If you make a whole batch of brownies and don’t want to turn them all into reindeer, what do you do with the rest of the brownies? Eat them? Or if you’ve eaten too many already there is another option.  Turn them into snowmen cake pops!

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rudolph cake pop and friends

Say hello to Rudolph. And his brothers. When I saw these in several places on the internet I just had to make them! And they looked so cute when they were finished that I could quite easily have gobbled them all up myself. But since they’re meant to be presents for people I had to resist. They did go through quality control a couple of times though, which Tom, in the role of chief taste tester appreciated. Do you want to make Rudolph and his friends too? Yes I do!

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Baby Boy Cupcakes

baby boy cupcakes

Last night I had a break from all the Christmas baking I’ve been doing and made these: cupcakes for Karein’s last day in the office before she goes on maternity leave. I think they might be the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever made so last night I stayed up to write this blog post just so I could post it as soon as possible! If you want to see more photos or have a go at making them too, click here to keep reading.

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gingerbread family

I’ve got so many things to blog about and not enough time! I made these a couple of weeks ago with Becky when she came to stay. I’m having a baking weekend (again) this weekend and I made these (…again!) so I guess it makes sense to blog about these next. I’m baking Christmas presents for people this year and one of the things I’ve decided to make are mini gingerbread men and snowflakes – hopefully I’ll find time this weekend/next week to blog about the other things I’m making. If you want to make some gingerbread biscuits too click here.

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reindeer cupcake

Here’s the next creation ticked off my Christmas baking list – Reindeer cupcakes. I saw these in What’s New Cupcake and I wanted to make them straight away, but making them in the middle of summer wouldn’t really have been appropriate. So I had to wait. I’ve actually made them already this year – when my sister came to stay a couple of weeks ago we invited the family over for coffee and cake on Sunday morning so these were one of the things we made then. We even made a gingerbread sleigh and a Santa cupcake to go with it – I didn’t have time to make all of that last night though! Do you want to make Rudolph and his friends?

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I love trying new things and I have loads Christmassy things which I want to try to make. I have made these every year for the last few years so I nearly didn’t make them. But then I remembered how much everybody loved them and how easy they were to make so I decided I would. They are just chocolate brownies, rolled into balls and then decorated to look like mini Christmas puddings! If you want to have a go a making them click here.

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jimmy choo shoe box cake

This was the cake which I made to go with Kiri’s cupcake shoes – if you have a pair of shoes, you need a box to go with them. So, for the main cake I made a carrot and ginger cake and disguised it as a Jimmy Choo shoe box. The cake is from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book (yes, I’m slowly making my way through all the recipes). It was huge but tasted really good. Click here if you want to keep reading.

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Shoe Cupcakes

DSCF8369Where do I start? This weekend my sister Becky came up to stay and we had a non-stop baking weekend so I’ve got so many things to blog about. I’m going to start with these shoes. Our first baking project was to make a cake for Kiri’s birthday party on Saturday night. Kiri LOVES shoes so when she asked me to make a birthday cake for her I knew exactly what I would make. I’d seen a photo of cupcake shoes on this website ages ago and I’d been looking for a reason to make them – Kiri’s birthday was the perfect occasion. Fancy some edible Jimmy Choos?

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