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May was a busy month for cakes, so I didn’t get round to writing about any of them or putting any photos up. So now things are a little quieter (well for five minutes at least) I thought I would put some photos up of the coolest cake I made in May! Click  here to see more photos of this crazy cake.

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P1170661I love a bit of piping, so when I managed to convince my manager at work that I should make his wedding cake, I was really pleased to find out that the design they wanted was very rustic and two tiers would be completely covered in piped swirls.  Click here to keep reading about this rustic cake.

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fire breathing dragon

About a year ago I was lacking inspiration for what I could bake one week. For some reason I decided to ask Jamie for ideas. He said I should make “a giant popping candy cake with a dragon on top”. I laughed and said I wanted serious suggestions! But then when I got home, and I realised I didn’t have anything else to do that evening, I thought why not try making a dragon out of icing. After I’d made one I decided it was quite cute so had a go at making another…. and after a couple of nights I had a small family of dragons!

If you want to see the whole dragon family click here to keep reading…

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love hearts leaving cupcakes

It’s been a while since I made cupcakes, but like buses, two cupcake-making occasions came along at once last week so I spent Thursday night making cupcakes – firstly some leaving cupcakes, then some birthday ones. These are the leaving ones. I decided I wanted to make some which would say “miss you” or “goodbye” so I chose to make biscuits to go on top decorated as Love Hearts. Click here to find out how to make them.

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Baby Boy Cupcakes

baby boy cupcakes

Last night I had a break from all the Christmas baking I’ve been doing and made these: cupcakes for Karein’s last day in the office before she goes on maternity leave. I think they might be the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever made so last night I stayed up to write this blog post just so I could post it as soon as possible! If you want to see more photos or have a go at making them too, click here to keep reading.

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Anybody who lives in the UK will know that this summer (if you can call it that), it rained pretty much constantly. Spring seemed to just turn into autumn, with only a couple of warm sunny days in between. The bad weather is what inspired these cupcakes, so I guess something good came out of the bad weather. If you want to brighten up your day with some cupcakes, keep reading…

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I’ve been trying to think of events which are coming up soon, which I can make cupcakes for. The obvious ones came to mind – Halloween, bonfire night, birthdays etc. Most of the cupcakes I make end up at work, mainly because I can’t eat a whole batch myself so if I want to try a new recipe I might as well take them in! This week, it’s the last day before one of the girls I work with, Laura, goes on maternity leave. This occurred to me at the weekend on the train home and I started thinking of loads of “baby” related cupcakes. However, this week has been really busy at work so I had no time to make any decorations in advance so I actually didn’t get to make any of the decorations I thought of 😦 I guess they’ll have to wait until the next person leaves to go on maternity leave!
Feeling ambitious and want to try three cupcakes in one?

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Butterfly Cupcakes

So, what should I do for my first post?! I guess I should start with something simple! The cupcakes I probably make most often are plain vanilla or chocolate – usually because they always go down well and they’re quick and easy to make, giving me plenty of time to decorate them! My favourite recipes are from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book – they’re simple to make, they always come out perfectly and I know they taste good! And the decoration I’ve made the most? Probably these chocolate flutterbies. Although I’ve only made them four times – I like trying new things!

If you want to find out how to make these little flutterbies then click here!

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