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This week was caramel week on the Great British Bake Off and I was intrigued to see what the technical challenge would be. I didn’t watch it live but Becky text me after it finished and asked if I fancied buying an ice cream waffle cone maker – I was intrigued! Since neither of us own one, and Becky said she wouldn’t use it (it’s a bit hard to make them gluten free) I said I was happy to buy it but asked her to order it for me since I was away and worried it wouldn’t arrive in time. When I got back on Thursday it was waiting for me! Click here to see how I got on.


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IMG_3067The other week I realised it had been a while since I’d baked for the office so I decided I should bake something to take in. I wanted to make something quick and simple, which only needed store cupboard ingredients since I didn’t want to go out to the supermarket, so I decided to make some cookies. After a flick through some of my recipe books I came across these in the Hairy Bikers Big Book of Baking. Despite having to make the caramel to go in them, they’re straightforward (and quick) to make. Need a quick sugar fix?

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Caramel Slice

Most people know this as milllionaires shortbread. However, I’ve always called it caramel slice. It reminds me of when we were younger – when we went shopping with mum in Cambridge, sometimes she would treat us to a slice of cake at a cafe called Carringtons. I would always go for their caramel slice – for me it was the perfect combination of crunchy biscuit, smooth caramel and rich chocolate. When I found out that Sunday Baking Club were having a caramel theme last weekend this is the first thing that came to mind. Having made it, I decided to have a look on Cafe Carrington’s website to see if they still do caramel slice but discovered that it went into liquidation just over a week ago. So this caramel slice is in memory of Cafe Carrington’s and all the yummy caramel slices I had over the years. Click here to get the recipe!

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cut giant rolo cake

At lunch yesterday, I met up with Julia. She wanted to go to WHSmiths to look at cook books that were on offer so I said I’d go with her. She’s a very bad influence on me and pretty much forced me to buy another cook book – ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration… I saw the Green & Black’s Ultimate chocolate cook book with 75% off, asked her if it was any good (since she owns just about every chocolate recipe book), she said yes, so I bought it. I then had the urge to bake something chocolatey. So instead of cleaning/tidying the house yesterday evening before Julia stays tonight and my parents come up for the weekend, I made myself an early birthday cake. I’m sure Julia won’t mind (she’d much rather have a slice of chocolate cake than see a tidy house) and my parents will understand (they know me well enough to realise that I prefer baking to tidying 🙂 If you’re looking for an excuse for not doing the house work, or have an urge to make something really chocolatey, then keep reading.

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fire breathing dragon

About a year ago I was lacking inspiration for what I could bake one week. For some reason I decided to ask Jamie for ideas. He said I should make “a giant popping candy cake with a dragon on top”. I laughed and said I wanted serious suggestions! But then when I got home, and I realised I didn’t have anything else to do that evening, I thought why not try making a dragon out of icing. After I’d made one I decided it was quite cute so had a go at making another…. and after a couple of nights I had a small family of dragons!

If you want to see the whole dragon family click here to keep reading…

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Anybody who lives in the UK will know that this summer (if you can call it that), it rained pretty much constantly. Spring seemed to just turn into autumn, with only a couple of warm sunny days in between. The bad weather is what inspired these cupcakes, so I guess something good came out of the bad weather. If you want to brighten up your day with some cupcakes, keep reading…

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