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fire breathing dragon

About a year ago I was lacking inspiration for what I could bake one week. For some reason I decided to ask Jamie for ideas. He said I should make “a giant popping candy cake with a dragon on top”. I laughed and said I wanted serious suggestions! But then when I got home, and I realised I didn’t have anything else to do that evening, I thought why not try making a dragon out of icing. After I’d made one I decided it was quite cute so had a go at making another…. and after a couple of nights I had a small family of dragons!

If you want to see the whole dragon family click here to keep reading…

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happy birthday cupcakes

Last week the other batch of cupcakes I made were these – happy birthday ones for Sarah. These weren’t what I intended to make but I didn’t have the ingredients I needed for the decoration and Tom had gone out for the night with our only set of house keys so I couldn’t leave the house! In the end, I was pretty pleased with them and I think Sarah enjoyed them too (even if we were all completely stuffed have eaten a massive curry just before!).

Need to make some birthday cakes? If so, click here.

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