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I always seem to get asked on my Birthday “Are you baking your own cake?” and the answer is always “YES!” I love baking and it’s the one cake a year where I get to do exactly what I want! So this year I made the banoffee cake which was in March’s Olive magazine and chose a design that was simple but elegant. Click here for the scrummy recipe.


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Rock Cakes


A couple of weeks ago at nursery Emily baked rock cakes, we used to bake them lots when I was little too and they are an old favourite! At the weekend Emily and my Mum also did some baking and made more rock cakes, so thought it was about time I added them on here. Click

here to get the recipe. 

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It definitely feels like spring has arrived this week with some gorgeous sunshine and lovely warm weather! So I thought I should upload some photos of these pretty cupcakes. I made them a couple of years ago and have made several similar versions since as the flowers are very easy to make and look really good on top of the cupcakes. Click here to see the recipe and how to make the flower.

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A couple of years ago we hosted Christmas with my sister-in-law, hubby and our nephew, I wanted to make a chocolate log but really wanted to make something slightly different. One of my favourite flavours is chocolate orange which feels like quite a Christmassy flavour, so I adapted a chocolate log recipe and this was the result! Click here to find out more.

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img_1295.jpgI was a  bit disappointed with last weeks challenge as it was another one that was hard to replicate at home without the special equipment. So I decided to make it anyway but made flat pancakes instead of the balls. The flavours sounded really good, so I was still keen to have a go. Click  here to see how I got on.

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I love pavlova so I was looking forward to making this recipe. Apart from the fact it’s vegan it looked like a normal pavlova! I have to admit to this one not being entirely vegan – I used normal white chocolate and a normal yoghurt (I figured they weren’t the “technical” part of the challenge, wouldn’t alter the overall taste/appearance and I didn’t have them!).
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Like all of the bakers, I hadn’t heard of Puits d’Amour either so I was intrigued to try them out this weekend. I also have to admit that I’m not sure I have ever made a creme pat and I think the last time I made choux pastry was when I was at school! So this week was definitely a new challenge! Click  here to see how I got on.

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