Owl Tree House Cake


Last year was a busy year and I didn’t get round to uploading photos of most of the cakes I baked. October and November were especially busy – with Emily’s 1st Birthday too. We had a small family party on the weekend of her Birthday and I made a baby friendly cake to eat – chocolate and beetroot. I wanted to do something woodland or owl themed and something where all the decorations could be made in advance, so this design was perfect. I had seen an idea on Pinterest and added some extras and changed a few things to make it fit the theme of the party. Click  here to see more details of this cake and the yummy recipe.

Harry Potter Cake

img_4934aI’ve had a short break from making cakes since Christmas – partly because I haven’t had any to make (not that that usually stops me!) and partly because I’ve been busy at work so haven’t had much time. Luckily though, to end the cake drought, I got a message from Una asking if I could make her Harry Potter themed cake. Tap here and say “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”…

p1240155This year I have been slightly more organised than last year and managed to make and decorate my Christmas cake on time! I wanted to try something different and designed a cake with quilled snowflakes. We learned how to quill icing on our Squires cake course last year, a technique I had never done before. It’s quite therapeutic and fun to create different shapes and fit them all together. Click  here to see my snowflake designs.

P1240059.JPGI’m always looking for quick simple ideas for decorating cupcakes, time is limited with a 14 month old to look after! I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought they looked pretty easy. Click  here to find out how to make these pretty chocolate Christmas trees.

Gingerbread Star Tree


I bought a set of star cookie cutters several years ago to make a star cookie tree and never got round to using them, so I thought instead of making a gingerbread house this year I would make a tree! Anne and I are still holding up our Christmas gingerbread baking day and it didn’t disappoint this year, can’t think of a more fun way to spent a day than baking with a friend! Click  here to see my star tree creation.

White Christmas Silhouette Cake

img_4751Every year I like to try a different Christmas cake design. I usually do something slightly silly but this year I came across this cake on Pinterest and really wanted to give it a go. It’s very different to anything I’ve ever done before. Click here to keep reading.

I never got round to writing about my Christmas cake last year and as I tried a new recipe I thought it was worth adding to our Christmas blogs this year. The recipe was from the Sainsbury’s magazine and was a really lovely moist squishy Christmas cake. Click

here to see the recipe for this yummy cake.