PB062198.JPGCan’t believe the bake off is over again for another year! It’s been another great series and I’ve really enjoyed watching it. I am quite relieved there are no more technical challenges though! I haven’t enjoyed them as much as previous years as some of them have been a bit obscure and required special equipment which has made trying the recipes at home a bit more challenging. I was tempted to get Rich to have a go at this one on the BBQ, but decided against it! I used the grill and a griddle pan instead. Click here to see how I got on with the final challenge.


I was really pleased when I saw what the technical challenge was last week – it’s been ages since I’ve made something like that and I couldn’t wait to try it! The only downside was that it’s pretty big (it’s huge!) and I was on my own for the weekend. Luckily I had a cross-country race and my team mates were more than happy to help me eat it up!
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img_1295.jpgI was a  bit disappointed with last weeks challenge as it was another one that was hard to replicate at home without the special equipment. So I decided to make it anyway but made flat pancakes instead of the balls. The flavours sounded really good, so I was still keen to have a go. Click  here to see how I got on.

I love pavlova so I was looking forward to making this recipe. Apart from the fact it’s vegan it looked like a normal pavlova! I have to admit to this one not being entirely vegan – I used normal white chocolate and a normal yoghurt (I figured they weren’t the “technical” part of the challenge, wouldn’t alter the overall taste/appearance and I didn’t have them!).
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Like all of the bakers, I hadn’t heard of Puits d’Amour either so I was intrigued to try them out this weekend. I also have to admit that I’m not sure I have ever made a creme pat and I think the last time I made choux pastry was when I was at school! So this week was definitely a new challenge! Click  here to see how I got on.

So this is a slight change to the normal ‘Technical Challenge’ which we do each week, and that’s because the last technical challenge was a bit odd. I don’t mind trying something new but I didn’t want to have to buy random spices and moulds which I probably wouldn’t use again, just for the sake of a challenge. The other option was improvise, but given it was spice week, not having the right spices seemed to defeat the purpose. I also didn’t really agree with the challenge – I couldn’t work out what techniques it was testing. So… click here to keep reading


I think I must be one of the only people who actually liked blancmange when I was little! So this recipe definitely appealed and sounded very yummy. I had a bit of help from Emily with the biscuits, but it was a tricky one for a toddler to do! Click here to see how we got on.