Chocolate Brownie Mince Pies


We haven’t managed as much Christmas baking this year, but I did make a few Christmas goodies this week for Emily’s nursery. I had a lot of homemade mincemeat to use and decided to make a mince pie alternative. Click  here to try this recipe.


Drunk Santa Christmas Cake

For the last few years I’ve made a Christmas cake for the office to be raffled off for charity. Having been on holiday for 3 weeks at the end of November/start of December I haven’t had much time to do much Christmas baking, and still haven’t decided how I’m going to decorate my own cake this year but I offered to make a cake for the office so yesterday I spent a couple of hours making this! Click here to keep reading

Turkey Christmas Cake

PC084580.JPGThis year I decided to try something very different for my Christmas cake, rather than doing something traditional I thought I would do something silly! I’d seen a photo of a turkey cake and thought I would try something similar. I also wanted to try a different flavoured Christmas cake but still wanted it to be a fruit cake so it would keep. Click  here to try out this yummy recipe.


Hopefully this will be the first of many Christmas baking blogs this year and as usual there are so many scrummy looking recipes to try out it’s going to be hard to narrow it down. As it’s the last Met League before Christmas I couldn’t resist making some red and gold Christmas cupcakes for the Serpie runners. We haven’t been to any xc races yet this season as we now live quite far away and Rich injured his knee recently which has meant he can’t run at the moment. But after 4 years of not being able to run because of a back injury, I am now able to run 6km so I am very excited to be able to take part! Click  here to try out our first Christmas recipe.

PB044320.JPGI can’t believe that this years bake off has now finished! I really enjoyed watching it and thought the new presenters were great and I was really pleased with the result, Sophie throughly deserved to win! I’m actually feeling quite relieved that all the technical challenges are now done and I can start to think about Christmas baking. So  here is my attempt at the iced ginger biscuits.


Last week on the Great British Bake Off was patisserie week. I rarely make any patisserie stuff as it just takes so long to do (and that’s coming from someone who makes novelty cakes and loves spending hours making sugar paste flowers!). But having got this far with all the challenges, I couldn’t resist attempting another one! Click here to see how I got on.

Old MacDonald’s Farm Cake


It was Emily’s 2nd Birthday last Friday  and to celebrate we had a small family party at the weekend. She absolutely loves Old MacDonald at the moment and we seem to spend every car journey singing it, along with all sorts of animals as well as some vehicles (usually fire engines and boats) and other random things like peas and macaroni cheese! So I decided to do a farm themed party and an Old MacDonald cake. Click  here to visit Old MacDonalds Farm.