Pie Cake


As it’s Father’s Day today, I couldn’t resist baking a special cake for my Dad as a present. He loves pies, so I thought I would have a go at making a cake and turning it into a pie! I used Pinterest to look for a few ideas and found a great cake made by Clinton’s Cakes with chips, peas and a red and white chequed table cloth. I wanted to make a cake that would keep well for a week and also be one of my Dad’s and hubby’s favourite flavours, so I chose a sticky ginger cake recipe that I have made a couple of times before. Click  here to try a slice of the pie.



We’ve had a really busy couple of months with various wedding cakes and visiting friends and family, so I made the most of a quiet 20 mins earlier while Emily was watching Stickman to write about the cupcakes I made for everyone when we visited friends this weekend. The wedding cake I made a couple of weeks ago had 2 tiers of coffee cake in and I tried a Hummingbird recipe that sounded like it would give an amazing coffee hit. The cake was so good that I decided to make some coffee cupcakes for this weekend too. Click here to take a look at the Hummingbird Bakery’s espresso cupcake recipe.

It’s been a while since I made some cupcakes, especially ones that were an usual flavour and not just vanilla/chocolate with decorations on. So when I decided to go down to London for the afternoon to meet my best friend’s baby, I offered to make some cupcakes to take. I’ve already got a lot of rhubarb (I’ve made rhubarb and raspberry Frangipane tart, rhubarb crumble muffins, and I still have about 750g left!) so I decided to bake something with rhubarb. Click here to see how to make them.

Easter Bunny Cake

For the last few years I’ve made an Easter cake to raffle off for charity at work. I offered to do the same again this year for the charity of the month – Hearing Dogs. Being at work all week meant I only had a couple of evenings to make and decorate it so I picked something fairly simple. The cake was a chocolate caramel ombré cake and I crumbled up the off cuts of the chocolate cake to make the soil. I covered the whole cake in green sugarpaste, cut out a circle from the middle and then filled it with the ‘soil’. The bunny was made from a ball of white icing flattened slightly and then put in the soil. I then stuck on a small ball of icing for his tail and made 2 feet which I finished off with a few small circles of pale pink icing. The carrots were made from orange icing and I marked some lines on them with the back of a knife. I added cake wire to the middle of the green carrot tops to keep them standing upright. Annoyingly they were slightly too tall to fit in the box so I had to break the tops off to make them a bit shorter! Hope you all enjoy the long Easter weekend!

Aeroplane Cupcakes


It’s been way too long since we last blogged about anything so I thought as I haven’t done much baking this year yet, I would find something fun that I made last year. I had totally forgotten about these cool aeroplane cupcakes that I made as a present for Emily’s key worker at nursery last year as she was leaving to go travelling to Australia. Click  here to see how to make them.

Chocolate Brownie Mince Pies


We haven’t managed as much Christmas baking this year, but I did make a few Christmas goodies this week for Emily’s nursery. I had a lot of homemade mincemeat to use and decided to make a mince pie alternative. Click  here to try this recipe.

Drunk Santa Christmas Cake

For the last few years I’ve made a Christmas cake for the office to be raffled off for charity. Having been on holiday for 3 weeks at the end of November/start of December I haven’t had much time to do much Christmas baking, and still haven’t decided how I’m going to decorate my own cake this year but I offered to make a cake for the office so yesterday I spent a couple of hours making this! Click here to keep reading