It’s not long till the bake off final, so only a few more weeks of technical challenges left. I’ve got a very busy few weeks, so it’s a good job that last weeks challenge was a quick and easy one! I thought they would be good for a post cross country race snack, so made a double batch to take to the first Met League cross country race of the season. Click  here to see how I got on.


Last weeks challenge had to wait till we got back from Devon earlier this week, so I made this on Wednesday and assembled it on Thursday morning in a bit of a rush while trying to get Emily breakfast and get ready to go out. None of the individual parts were too complicated, but it was very time consuming to make! Click  here to see how I got on.

Most weekends I bake a loaf of bread. I’m a creature of habit though and always make the same super simple white loaf – it’s one where you mix everything together in a bowl (no kneading required!) and leave for up to 24 hours before shaping and baking. It’s quite a dense loaf but I think it’s perfect freshly baked in the morning and then toasted with scrambled egg on top. I do like trying new breads but often look for reason to try one so I was slightly disappointed with the technical challenge from bread week. However, last week (botanical week), gave us another bread to try and it sounded really good. Click here to keep reading.


Em and I were both really looking forward to making this weeks technical challenge from the Great British Bake Off, we both love Bakewell tart! I actually don’t think I have ever made one, so couldn’t wait to give it a go. Click here to see how we got on

  I’m not sure where the last week has gone – how is it nearly bake off time already? I was rapidly running out of time to do the latest technical challenge from batter week, so I decided to try to cook a batch tonight. Click here to keep reading.


Time for another technical challenge! A slightly unusual one this week, like all the other contestants I hadn’t heard of dampfnudeln either. I love making bread, but I don’t really do it very often as my hubby can’t really eat gluten. Mary Berry said these are a bit like iced buns, so I thought they would probably still be suitable for me to take to the baby group on Thursday morning and rather than making the plum puree and vanilla sauce, I thought I would just put some icing on top instead and hope that the Mums and Dads at the group aren’t too disappointed that they haven’t got any cakes or biscuits this week. Click here to see how I got on.

Succulent and Rose Wedding Cake

IMG_4570Last weekend I went to the wedding of Rob and Sian – Sian and I grew up in the same village and we’ve known each other since we were about 3 years old. As well as being invited to the wedding, I got to make the cake. Tom and I had a great time at the wedding – everything about the day was perfect. Keep reading.