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I couldn’t resist baking one last thing for 2020, despite it just being Rich and I for NYE I really wanted to make a Christmas log. We all love gingerbread in our house so when I saw this recipe in the Christmas Olive magazine I added it to my list of Christmas recipes. Click here to see the recipe.


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I am sure plenty of people will agree with me that this weeks technical wasn’t really the most appealing, but I wanted to give it at go and I could see that the flavours should be pretty tasty. Luckily I had some suet in the cupboard as I was planning on making my mincemeat for Christmas this weekend. I ran out of time to bake with the girls, so this was my first solo challenge, click here to see how I got on.

I decided that we really didn’t want to make the whole recipe, Rich really wasn’t keen and I also didn’t have the right sized pudding bowls, so I used a small metal one instead and made just under half of the recipe. The full recipe can be found here. The recipe was easy enough to make. But I was not paying enough attention and forgot to line my tin, I had greased it though, so hoped that would be enough.

I didn’t time it very well as the 2 hours was up on the steamer while Rich was on a work phone call and we hadn’t even eaten dinner yet, so I left it another 20 mins before getting it out and having a go and turning it out. Unfortunately it wasn’t very easy to remove from the tin and broke, making a big puddley mess on the plate, just like most of the bakers! I think this is my first proper bake off fail! Amazingly it tasted much better than it looked and the lemon inside was soft and it was a bit like eating a sweet marmalade pudding. Emily and Chloe had a small bit to share and they really enjoyed it. It’s not really something I will be making again though!

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We missed last week’s technical challenge as the recipe wasn’t on the website until after the weekend so we didn’t have time. But we will catch up and make them at some point during lockdown. This weeks recipe looked really interesting, but neither Rich or I are keen on matcha so we decided to make a crepe cake half the size in case we didn’t like it! Click here to see how we got on.

I had some matcha powder left over from a wedding cake I made and hadn’t been brave enough to bake anything else with it, so this was the perfect bake to use it up. Prue’s recipe can be found here. Emily and Chloe helped make the pancake mixture, we had to add a bit of Green food colouring as the matcha I had wasn’t a very vibrant green!

I made the ganache meringue filling, it was super smooth and rich. Emily helped me assemble the crepes and did a good job of spreading out the filling and topping with the sliced strawberries. We popped it in the fridge to chill before decorating it, it looked quite pretty especially when you cut into it. Rich and I enjoyed some for pudding with some extra mango and strawberries on the side, it was actually quite yummy – apart from the dusting of matcha powder on top!

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It’s been quite a while since either Em or I updated anything on here and the Great British Bake Off being back on has kicked me into action again! It’s not because we haven’t been baking, just that we have both been so busy we have struggled with finding the time. So this week having watched the first episode in this weeks series of GBBO I thought it was about time I wrote something. Emily was super excited to be allowed to watch the bake off when she got back from school last week and even more excited to actually have a go at making the technical challenge. This year Chloe is joining in too as she just wants to do everything her big sister does. It’s going to be a messy few months in our house! Click here to see how we all got on with the first technical.

I think one of the main challenges this year will be making sure we have the right ingredients without having to make loads of extra supermarket trips, something I am keen to avoid. I generally have a well stocked baking cupboard, so hopefully we can get by. The recipe can be found here. The recipe was pretty easy to follow, although I did take my eye off the sugar and burnt the first batch of caramel. Emily loves cracking eggs into the bowl and Chloe is enjoying helping to hold the bags of flour and sugar as we weigh things out and generally causing havoc by pressing the buttons on the scales half way through weighing things out!

Luckily we managed to weigh things out correctly and even made the custard too. Although the timing wasn’t great and I found myself juggling stirring custard, caramel and the girls tea all at the same time! By the time they were cooked and cooled down enough for the girls to try them unfortunately neither of them ate more than a couple of mouthfuls as both were too full up and tired to want any more! Although the following day Emily demolishing a whole one for pudding!

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IMG_2236.JPGI love making pavlova and more often than not I end up making one as a dinner party or Sunday lunch pudding especially as it’s gluten free and can be adapted for any season. It’s also quite easy to turn a simple pavlova into a big show stopping desert. I made this for New Year’s Eve last year and it’s full of festive flavours as well as looking very impressive! Click here for the recipe.

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It’s actually quite a relief that this is the penultimate week of the Great British Bake Off! I have loved doing all the technical challenges and trying things I wouldn’t normally have had a go at, but I’m also looking forward to doing some of my own baking too. I love patisserie but rarely attempt any as it really is very time consuming. We are away this weekend, so I volunteered to bring dessert – perfect excuse to give this a go! Click here to see how I got on.

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I was very excited about making the technical challenge for dessert week as my parents were coming to stay this weekend, so it gave us the perfect excuse to make something special! And with 6 portions it meant that Rich and I could try it on Friday night and there would still be 4 for Saturday night, as well as saving a tiny bit for a mini one for Emily. Click here to see how we got on.

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Can’t believe we are up to week 5 already on this years Bake Off! We had a free weekend at home this weekend, so this technical challenge was perfect for pudding on Saturday night. I hadn’t made choux pastry for a long time, so this was a good one to try. Click

here to see how I got on.

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A couple of years ago we hosted Christmas with my sister-in-law, hubby and our nephew, I wanted to make a chocolate log but really wanted to make something slightly different. One of my favourite flavours is chocolate orange which feels like quite a Christmassy flavour, so I adapted a chocolate log recipe and this was the result! Click here to find out more.

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I was really pleased when I saw what the technical challenge was last week – it’s been ages since I’ve made something like that and I couldn’t wait to try it! The only downside was that it’s pretty big (it’s huge!) and I was on my own for the weekend. Luckily I had a cross-country race and my team mates were more than happy to help me eat it up!
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