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I love pavlova so I was looking forward to making this recipe. Apart from the fact it’s dairy free it looked like a normal pavlova! I have to admit to this one not being entirely vegan – I used normal white chocolate and a normal yoghurt (I figured they weren’t the “technical” part of the challenge, wouldn’t alter the overall taste/appearance and I didn’t have them!).The meringue smelt disgusting while it was mixing (who came up with the idea of using chickpea juice??!) but luckily after it had been baked the smell had gone. The meringues were extremely delicate – way worse than normal meringues and they did fall apart slightly as I tried to assemble them. The custard cream was quite straightforward to make – not sure it will be a tasty as normal cream though. We haven’t tried it yet, but fingers crossed it’s as tasty as it looks! You can find the recipe here.


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Like all of the bakers, I hadn’t heard of Puits d’Amour either so I was intrigued to try them out this weekend. I also have to admit that I’m not sure I have ever made a creme pat and I think the last time I made choux pastry was when I was at school! So this week was definitely a new challenge! Click  here to see how I got on.

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So this is a slight change to the normal ‘Technical Challenge’ which we do each week, and that’s because the last technical challenge was a bit odd. I don’t mind trying something new but I didn’t want to have to buy random spices and moulds which I probably wouldn’t use again, just for the sake of a challenge. The other option was improvise, but given it was spice week, not having the right spices seemed to defeat the purpose. I also didn’t really agree with the challenge – I couldn’t work out what techniques it was testing. So… click here to keep reading

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