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We are all super excited in our house that the GBBO is back on and we couldn’t wait for it to get started! Once again we have done plenty of baking over the last year but struggled to find the time to upload any of it, so thanks to the GBBO I’ll be making a bit more of an effort over the next few months. Emily and Chloe absolutely loved watching the first episode and were very keen to help out, click here to see how we got on.


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So this is a slight change to the normal ‘Technical Challenge’ which we do each week, and that’s because the last technical challenge was a bit odd. I don’t mind trying something new but I didn’t want to have to buy random spices and moulds which I probably wouldn’t use again, just for the sake of a challenge. The other option was improvise, but given it was spice week, not having the right spices seemed to defeat the purpose. I also didn’t really agree with the challenge – I couldn’t work out what techniques it was testing. So… click here to keep reading

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