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One of the best things about making larger cakes and unusual shaped cakes are all the off cuts! Cakes always need levelling off or shaping, so there are plenty of opportunities to do a taste test. Having made several large cakes recently I have ended up with loads of left over cake. So I have been making lots of cake pops and I now have a freezer filled with around 200 to be used and decorated at some point in the future. Click here to find out how to make and decorate these pretty cake pops.


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photo 1 (6)It’s December so I think it’s acceptable to start doing some Christmas baking. I always start thinking about what I want to bake for Christmas months in advance and then come up with a list way too long and completely unachievable. I’ve tried to be a bit more realistic this year but it still feels like there’s a lot to fit in in a short time! So here’s our first batch of Christmas baking…

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Hen Do Baking!

20131105-174947.jpg Last weekend it was my sister’s hen do. With the help of her other bridesmaid (and future sister-in-law), I organised a weekend away in a cottage. Apart from the date, we wanted it all to be a complete surprise for her. She’d come up with a long list of ideas but I pointed out to her that we were organising it and not her! However, I wanted her to enjoy the weekend so we did listen to some of her suggestions, one of which was having a theme for the Saturday, which was girly and everyone could get dressed up for. She suggested 1920s but since she’s been to a few 1920s parties before I wanted to do something different. So we decided to do a 1950s American Diner theme – keep reading to find out more!

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family of snowmen

If you make a whole batch of brownies and don’t want to turn them all into reindeer, what do you do with the rest of the brownies? Eat them? Or if you’ve eaten too many already there is another option.  Turn them into snowmen cake pops!

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rudolph cake pop and friends

Say hello to Rudolph. And his brothers. When I saw these in several places on the internet I just had to make them! And they looked so cute when they were finished that I could quite easily have gobbled them all up myself. But since they’re meant to be presents for people I had to resist. They did go through quality control a couple of times though, which Tom, in the role of chief taste tester appreciated. Do you want to make Rudolph and his friends too? Yes I do!

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I love trying new things and I have loads Christmassy things which I want to try to make. I have made these every year for the last few years so I nearly didn’t make them. But then I remembered how much everybody loved them and how easy they were to make so I decided I would. They are just chocolate brownies, rolled into balls and then decorated to look like mini Christmas puddings! If you want to have a go a making them click here.

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