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A couple of weeks ago I made some cakes to take down to the Leeds office when I went for the day. Given it was December I decided that I should make something Christmassy. I hadn’t been food shopping so I was limited with what flavour I could make so just went with vanilla. The decoration was an easy choice – I made these cakes last year and really wanted to put them on the blog but never got round to taking photos. Click here to keep reading.

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rudolph cake pop and friends

Say hello to Rudolph. And his brothers. When I saw these in several places on the internet I just had to make them! And they looked so cute when they were finished that I could quite easily have gobbled them all up myself. But since they’re meant to be presents for people I had to resist. They did go through quality control a couple of times though, which Tom, in the role of chief taste tester appreciated. Do you want to make Rudolph and his friends too? Yes I do!

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reindeer cupcake

Here’s the next creation ticked off my Christmas baking list – Reindeer cupcakes. I saw these in What’s New Cupcake and I wanted to make them straight away, but making them in the middle of summer wouldn’t really have been appropriate. So I had to wait. I’ve actually made them already this year – when my sister came to stay a couple of weeks ago we invited the family over for coffee and cake on Sunday morning so these were one of the things we made then. We even made a gingerbread sleigh and a Santa cupcake to go with it – I didn’t have time to make all of that last night though! Do you want to make Rudolph and his friends?

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