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In case you missed it, the Great British Bake Off started again last week! Becky and I both really enjoyed trying the technical challenges last year so we’ve decided we’ll be doing them again this year. Last year we took it in turns to make them each week but we both decided we wanted to try the technical challenge from cake week – Jaffa Cakes!


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It’s been a gorgeous week, full of spring sunshine so I couldn’t resist making some spring cupcakes as a present for Matt and Beckie who looked after Emily on Saturday while Rich and I were at a wedding. Click here to find out how to make these little bugs.

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I have to admit, that like all contestants on the GBBO, I have never made a souffle! I love to eat them, but for some reason, I have never got round to making one, so this week I was actually a bit nervous – especially as you regularly see failed souffles on cookery programmes. Click here to see if I rose to the challenge.

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It must be time for another blackberry recipe! I haven’t baked any cupcakes for a while, so thought I would make some seasonal ones. I made some chocolate cherry ones a few months ago and liked the idea of combining dark chocolate with the fruit. I also love the colour from the blackberries so added a blackberry puree to the buttercream, to give a pretty pinky purple colour. I also used the left over blackberry and white chocolate ganache to put in the middle of the cupcakes – delicious! Click here to have a go at the recipe.

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Last time I got back from holiday, I bought some Toblerone at the airport, I decided to copy Emma’s idea and use it to make some treats for the office. I chose a summery design, perfect for the warm weather we’ve been having recently. Click here to find out more about these pretty cupcakes.

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I’d never made a 100th Birthday cake before, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to make one. It was for our close friend’s Granny, who is called Rose, so the request for pink roses on the cake was perfect. The cake was a light fruit cake, a delicious recipe from an old cook book that our Mum has, great for this time of year!  Click here for the recipe.

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Last weekend I visited my sister-in-law Tams and her hubby Pete, they got married and bought a house together last year and this was our 1st visit, so I thought it would be a nice idea to make some ‘new home’ cupcakes. I chose a yummy looking chocolate cherry cupcake recipe to try out. Click here to see what I baked.

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