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Can’t believe it’s week 4 of the bake off already! As we were away at the weekend, I made these for pudding on Friday night as a treat. I didn’t think there would be time to make them after school on Friday with the girls as it seems to take about twice the amount of time when they help! So I made them in stages throughout the day by myself and then baked time in time for pudding, Click here to see how I got on.


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I have to admit, that like all contestants on the GBBO, I have never made a souffle! I love to eat them, but for some reason, I have never got round to making one, so this week I was actually a bit nervous – especially as you regularly see failed souffles on cookery programmes. Click here to see if I rose to the challenge.

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IMG_0937AWe are massive fans of the Great British Bake Off and I keep meaning to have a go at some of the technical challenges to see just how hard they are. So when my parents came to visit and bought along loads of home grown pears I thought I would take the opportunity to challenge my Mum and myself to have a go at baking Paul Hollywood’s mini pear pies. Want to find out who the Glover pear pie champion is?!

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