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Although this one isn’t strictly a Christmas recipe, everyone loves a chocolate brownie and these are really good, the salty pretzels add a yummy crunch and using these Christmas ones adds a festive touch. Click here to see the recipe.


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We haven’t managed as much Christmas baking this year, but I did make a few Christmas goodies this week for Emily’s nursery. I had a lot of homemade mincemeat to use and decided to make a mince pie alternative. Click  here to try this recipe.

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cut giant rolo cake

At lunch yesterday, I met up with Julia. She wanted to go to WHSmiths to look at cook books that were on offer so I said I’d go with her. She’s a very bad influence on me and pretty much forced me to buy another cook book – ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration… I saw the Green & Black’s Ultimate chocolate cook book with 75% off, asked her if it was any good (since she owns just about every chocolate recipe book), she said yes, so I bought it. I then had the urge to bake something chocolatey. So instead of cleaning/tidying the house yesterday evening before Julia stays tonight and my parents come up for the weekend, I made myself an early birthday cake. I’m sure Julia won’t mind (she’d much rather have a slice of chocolate cake than see a tidy house) and my parents will understand (they know me well enough to realise that I prefer baking to tidying 🙂 If you’re looking for an excuse for not doing the house work, or have an urge to make something really chocolatey, then keep reading.

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rudolph cake pop and friends

Say hello to Rudolph. And his brothers. When I saw these in several places on the internet I just had to make them! And they looked so cute when they were finished that I could quite easily have gobbled them all up myself. But since they’re meant to be presents for people I had to resist. They did go through quality control a couple of times though, which Tom, in the role of chief taste tester appreciated. Do you want to make Rudolph and his friends too? Yes I do!

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