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Hen do Cupcakes

IMG_2497aOne of my friend’s, Kiri, asked me if I could do some baking for a hen do she was organising last weekend. I don’t like to declining baking opportunities so I said yes. However, given all the running around I’ve been doing recently I didn’t have much time. So what was going to be biscuits and girly cupcakes ended up being these. Keep reading…

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Hen Do Baking!

20131105-174947.jpg Last weekend it was my sister’s hen do. With the help of her other bridesmaid (and future sister-in-law), I organised a weekend away in a cottage. Apart from the date, we wanted it all to be a complete surprise for her. She’d come up with a long list of ideas but I pointed out to her that we were organising it and not her! However, I wanted her to enjoy the weekend so we did listen to some of her suggestions, one of which was having a theme for the Saturday, which was girly and everyone could get dressed up for. She suggested 1920s but since she’s been to a few 1920s parties before I wanted to do something different. So we decided to do a 1950s American Diner theme – keep reading to find out more!

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20131015-081158.jpg A few weeks ago I wanted to make some cupcakes to take over to my friend Jen’s for her mini “hen weekend”. They needed to be suitable girly but I didn’t have a huge amount of time to make and decorate them. So I decided to make these – inspired by some my sister made for a hen do! Click here to keep reading.

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