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20130715-215317.jpgFor Father’s Day this year, I decided to bake my dad a present – Amaretto brownies. Since I wasn’t going to see him on the Sunday, I gave them to him, freshly baked, on the Saturday. The plan was that he wouldn’t eat them until Father’s Day, but the temptation was too great and he couldn’t wait. He said he’d just have one, but after he’d eaten it, he decided one just wasn’t enough so had a second… after that my mum decided to ration them!

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family of snowmen

If you make a whole batch of brownies and don’t want to turn them all into reindeer, what do you do with the rest of the brownies? Eat them? Or if you’ve eaten too many already there is another option.  Turn them into snowmen cake pops!

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I love trying new things and I have loads Christmassy things which I want to try to make. I have made these every year for the last few years so I nearly didn’t make them. But then I remembered how much everybody loved them and how easy they were to make so I decided I would. They are just chocolate brownies, rolled into balls and then decorated to look like mini Christmas puddings! If you want to have a go a making them click here.

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Maybe that’s not completely true but if you don’t like cake then there’s something wrong with you! This weekend I went down to London to stay with my oldest friends (not oldest as in they’re really old but oldest as in we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember!) – Nic and Sian. Nic was cooking dinner for us on the Friday night so I offered to bring a pudding, and since it was Sian’s birthday on Sunday, I decided to make some cupcakes as a kind of birthday cake!

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