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May was a busy month for cakes, so I didn’t get round to writing about any of them or putting any photos up. So now things are a little quieter (well for five minutes at least) I thought I would put some photos up of the coolest cake I made in May! Click  here to see more photos of this crazy cake.

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Barn Owl Cake


A few months ago my friend Monika asked if I would be able to make an owl Birthday cake for her husband Aaron. I did a bit of research and found a few owl cake ideas which I sent over. The majority of ideas were cartoon like owls, probably more appropriate for a kids Birthday cake. But I managed to find a realistic barn owl cake too which looked amazing, but I honestly had no idea if I could make a cake like that! So I sent Monika the links to the various cakes, I was pretty sure the realistic owl would be her favourite, and it was. Despite it looking impossibly hard to make, I really hoped she would chose this one as I have never attempted anything like this before and was keen to give it a go, but I honestly had no idea where to start! Click here to find out how I made this cute little owl!

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21st birthday cakes for Jodie

Last week I had a week from hell at work – 60 hours worth of hell. However, I’d agreed a while ago to make these cakes for a friend in the office. I didn’t want to let her down so last Thursday evening I somehow managed to fit in making them. They had to be pastel pinks, purples and white, some with 21’s on, some with Jodie’s on and some with both on so I came up with a design I wanted to do. However, I was too tired to make them exactly as planned – I guess I’ll just have to save that design for another time. 

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I often get asked how I find the time to do so much baking. The truth is, I don’t know! But I think if you enjoy something then you always manage to find time to fit it in. I would love to be able to bake something new everyday and then post it on here but the truth is that if I did that then I’d probably end up so fat that I’d be unable to get out the house. Instead, I’ve decided that I’m going to restrict myself to baking one, or maybe two new things (or maybe more if there are special occasions) a week to put on here. I have a whole load of cupcakes which I baked before I set up this blog so in between baking new things, I’m going to blog about them – provided I’ve got good enough/good photos since most were just taken on my phone!

I made these cupcakes for my birthday this year. On the evening of my birthday I went out for cocktails so I wanted to stick with the theme and decided to make four different cocktail flavoured cupcakes: Mojito, Brandy Alexander, White Russian and Pina Colada. Given they’re all quite different, I’ll be doing a separate post on each one. I think the mojito ones were my favourite so I’m going to start with them

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Maybe that’s not completely true but if you don’t like cake then there’s something wrong with you! This weekend I went down to London to stay with my oldest friends (not oldest as in they’re really old but oldest as in we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember!) – Nic and Sian. Nic was cooking dinner for us on the Friday night so I offered to bring a pudding, and since it was Sian’s birthday on Sunday, I decided to make some cupcakes as a kind of birthday cake!

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