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Since I’ve got four cocktail cupcakes to write about, here’s the next one… Pina Colada! Again, these were from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days. There are 4 different mini cocktail cupcake recipes in the book and I made three of them – I didn’t make the Strawberry Daiquiri ones since my birthday is in February and although I probably could have got hold of strawberries (since you seem to be able to get any fruit at any time of year these days) I decided that they probably wouldn’t be that tasty so instead opted for White Russian ones. Ready for another cocktail?

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I often get asked how I find the time to do so much baking. The truth is, I don’t know! But I think if you enjoy something then you always manage to find time to fit it in. I would love to be able to bake something new everyday and then post it on here but the truth is that if I did that then I’d probably end up so fat that I’d be unable to get out the house. Instead, I’ve decided that I’m going to restrict myself to baking one, or maybe two new things (or maybe more if there are special occasions) a week to put on here. I have a whole load of cupcakes which I baked before I set up this blog so in between baking new things, I’m going to blog about them – provided I’ve got good enough/good photos since most were just taken on my phone!

I made these cupcakes for my birthday this year. On the evening of my birthday I went out for cocktails so I wanted to stick with the theme and decided to make four different cocktail flavoured cupcakes: Mojito, Brandy Alexander, White Russian and Pina Colada. Given they’re all quite different, I’ll be doing a separate post on each one. I think the mojito ones were my favourite so I’m going to start with them

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