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photo 4 (2)A couple of weeks ago Aimée, one of my friends from work got married. She asked me/I offered to make her wedding cake. As with most of the other wedding cakes I’ve made, she said she wanted something “simple”. Based on past experience “simple” often doesn’t end up being simple! So I searched on Pinterest for “simple purple wedding cake” and showed a couple to her – surprisingly she picked the simplest one. Click here to keep reading.

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21st birthday cakes for Jodie

Last week I had a week from hell at work – 60 hours worth of hell. However, I’d agreed a while ago to make these cakes for a friend in the office. I didn’t want to let her down so last Thursday evening I somehow managed to fit in making them. They had to be pastel pinks, purples and white, some with 21’s on, some with Jodie’s on and some with both on so I came up with a design I wanted to do. However, I was too tired to make them exactly as planned – I guess I’ll just have to save that design for another time. 

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