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Emma’s favourite book when we were little was the Hungry Caterpillar and it’s also one of Emily’s favourites too, she knows almost all the words! A couple of years ago I was asked to make a cake for Rich’s Godson Freddie and was very excited about the theme. Click here to see some more pics of this cake and matching cupcakes.


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minion cakeI’ve made 3 minion cakes now, and I’m aware my blog is starting to look a bit like it’s been taken over by minions, but it turns out that everyone loves a minion cake so I keep getting asked to make them! So here is the third one I made. Minion number four will be created this weekend so I thought I should put up some photos of this one to spread them out a bit… Are you addicted to minions too?!

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dinosaurA few weeks ago at work, David asked if I’d make a cake for his son’s birthday. Given how much he likes cake, my initial thought that it was probably for him rather than his son. And the more he told me, the more I thought that was the case – he asked for the cake to be 2 different flavours, one of which was his favourtite cake (carrot) and he then added that his son doesn’t even really like cake! Apart from specifying the flavour of the cake and saying it had to have dinosaurs on, the rest was up to me. If you want to see the whole cake, keep reading.

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