Last week on the Great British Bake Off was patisserie week. I rarely make any patisserie stuff as it just takes so long to do (and that’s coming from someone who makes novelty cakes and loves spending hours making sugar paste flowers!). But having got this far with all the challenges, I couldn’t resist attempting another one! Click here to see how I got on.


Old MacDonald’s Farm Cake


It was Emily’s 2nd Birthday last Friday  and to celebrate we had a small family party at the weekend. She absolutely loves Old MacDonald at the moment and we seem to spend every car journey singing it, along with all sorts of animals as well as some vehicles (usually fire engines and boats) and other random things like peas and macaroni cheese! So I decided to do a farm themed party and an Old MacDonald cake. Click  here to visit Old MacDonalds Farm.

This week Becky and I got to make the technical challenge together! I went down to Kent for the weekend for Emily’s second birthday so we decided to make the Rum Nicky for pudding on Saturday night. Mum also helped out by weighing out some of the ingredients and bringing a pie dish for us to use! Click here to keep reading.

Last week I invited over Zahrah from work for a long overdue baking session on Friday, without knowing what the technical challenge would be. So when I discovered it was pizza I was really pleased – it meant we could make it for our dinner! Click here to keep reading.


Last week was pastry week on the bake off and I really don’t make much pastry as it’s very hard to make gluten free for Rich to eat so I just tend to avoid it. So I was looking forward to the challenge and eating 12 custard tarts all to myself! Click  here to see how I got on.


I was really looking forward to making this weeks technical challenge – I love peanut butter! We invited our friends Matt and Beckie over for dinner on Saturday night and I planned to do the technical challenge for pudding,  no pressure then…

This week was caramel week on the Great British Bake Off and I was intrigued to see what the technical challenge would be. I didn’t watch it live but Becky text me after it finished and asked if I fancied buying an ice cream waffle cone maker – I was intrigued! Since neither of us own one, and Becky said she wouldn’t use it (it’s a bit hard to make them gluten free) I said I was happy to buy it but asked her to order it for me since I was away and worried it wouldn’t arrive in time. When I got back on Thursday it was waiting for me! Click here to see how I got on.