Sticky Toffee Apple Mince Pies


This years build up to Christmas is going so fast we haven’t even blogged about any Christmas baking yet! That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy doing lots. I’ve done 2 Christmas cakes and tried some new Christmassy recipes this week, so keep an eye out for photos and recipes coming soon. It wouldn’t be Christmas without Mince pies and this year I thought I would try something new, click here for this yummy recipe.

Frog Cake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust over a week ago it was Chloe’s first Birthday! I decided to do a frog themed cake and mini party for her, Emily was so excited! I spent a long time on Pinterest looking at frog cakes for some inspiration and then on Facebook I spotted a YouTube video from The Little Cherry Cake Company on how to make a frog cake, so I had a look and thought I would give it a go, it is definitely the cutest froggy cake I had seen. Click here to see some more pics.

Hedgehog Cake


Before we start all our Christmas baking I thought I would quickly upload some photos of the cake that Emily made for Rich for his Birthday this year. We all love watching the Great British Bake Off and also enjoy watching An Extra Slice. Rich’s absolute favourite bit is when they show photos of things that other people have had a go at baking, in particular the famous hedgehog cakes. So for his Birthday this year I thought we could make him a hedgehog cake and I would let Emily decorate it all by herself! I was secretly hoping it would be very funny leaving a 4 year old to do it! Click here to see how Emily got on.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake


Just over a month ago it was Emily’s 4th Birthday! And being a typical 4 year old she wanted a unicorn cake. I’d never made one before but knew that it wouldn’t be long before I had a request for one! I decided to surprise Emily by making the cake rainbow coloured inside, click here to see inside my unicorn cake.

IMG_7338.JPGI finally got round to making these last week after a slight delay due to us all catching a tummy bug, thankfully we are all recovered and our appetites have come back! None of us like blue cheese, so I decided to make these with cheddar and some left over Comte instead. Click here to see how I got on.


It’s actually quite a relief that this is the penultimate week of the Great British Bake Off! I have loved doing all the technical challenges and trying things I wouldn’t normally have had a go at, but I’m also looking forward to doing some of my own baking too. I love patisserie but rarely attempt any as it really is very time consuming. We are away this weekend, so I volunteered to bring dessert – perfect excuse to give this a go! Click here to see how I got on.


This week has been super busy as it was Emily’s 4th Birthday on Sunday, so all my baking energy went into creating a crazy rainbow coloured unicorn cake for her! This was a bit of a last minute decision to make it for dinner on Monday night as Em was coming to stay for the night, so a great opportunity to make it together and then eat it for dinner. Click here to see how we got on.