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p1240155This year I have been slightly more organised than last year and managed to make and decorate my Christmas cake on time! I wanted to try something different and designed a cake with quilled snowflakes. We learned how to quill icing on our Squires cake course last year, a technique I had never done before. It’s quite therapeutic and fun to create different shapes and fit them all together. Click  here to see my snowflake designs.


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Last year I didn’t get round to writing about the Christmas cake I made, mostly due to being over ambitious with what I wanted to do before the big day – there were so many thing I wanted to bake, Christmas decorations I wanted to make and prepare for 12 people coming to ours for Christmas. I’d never hosted Christmas before either! So I thought I would write a short blog about it this year in between feeding, nappy changing, playing and watching Emily sleep – it’s amazing how much time you can spend just watching your little one! Click here to see how to decorate the cake I made last year.

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I had my parents coming to visit this weekend as well as a few other friends popping over to visit, so this weeks Bake Off technical challenge was perfect, it meant that I had a yummy cake to offer everyone! I make quite a lot of fruit cakes, so I was keen to try this recipe to see how it compares. I have made my own marzipan a few times, but I have never made my own sugar paste, so this would be another thing to tick off the list. Click here to see how I got on.

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Noah's Ark Christening Cake

Noah’s Ark Christening Cake

A few weeks ago I made a Christening cake for my friends Chloe and Rory’s sons Christening. They had the lovely idea of a Noah’s Ark cake. I took some inspiration from Pinterest and had an enormous amount of fun creating this cake! Click here to see the animals marching in two by two…

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A couple of weeks ago Em and I went on a 6 day Professional Intensive Cake Decorating Course at Squires Kitchen International. We had an amazing week refining our existing skills as well as learning some new techniques. Click here to see some of our creations.

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P1160752 Over the last few weeks it really has started to feel like spring has arrived. We now have lots of daffodils out in our garden and the sun has been shining! So I thought that this cake was perfect to blog about as it has a real spring feel to it. For our favourite fruit cake recipe and how to build your own family tree cake click here

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I love a bit of Christmas baking, last year I worked my way through the cupcake recipes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book. I love the fruit cake cupcakes, the recipe is light and delicious and still has that lovely boozy fruit cake flavour. I thought these snowmen were pretty cool and as my hubby is a massive marshmallow fan I knew these would be a winner! Click here to find out how to build a snowman cupcake.

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