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Last weekend I got to make a christening cake for my niece, Emily. Becky sent me a photo of a cake she’d seen on Pinterest and asked if I could make something similar. Click here to keep reading.

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Last year I didn’t get round to writing about the Christmas cake I made, mostly due to being over ambitious with what I wanted to do before the big day – there were so many thing I wanted to bake, Christmas decorations I wanted to make and prepare for 12 people coming to ours for Christmas. I’d never hosted Christmas before either! So I thought I would write a short blog about it this year in between feeding, nappy changing, playing and watching Emily sleep – it’s amazing how much time you can spend just watching your little one! Click here to see how to decorate the cake I made last year.

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Owl Cupcakes


Since discovering that we have tawny owls living in the woods near us, I have found a new love for these gorgeous birds. They make the most amazing mystical “twit twoo” sound which we hear most evenings. So it seems very appropriate to blog about these cute little owl cupcakes. Click here to find out how to make them.

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