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I’ve been trying to think of events which are coming up soon, which I can make cupcakes for. The obvious ones came to mind – Halloween, bonfire night, birthdays etc. Most of the cupcakes I make end up at work, mainly because I can’t eat a whole batch myself so if I want to try a new recipe I might as well take them in! This week, it’s the last day before one of the girls I work with, Laura, goes on maternity leave. This occurred to me at the weekend on the train home and I started thinking of loads of “baby” related cupcakes. However, this week has been really busy at work so I had no time to make any decorations in advance so I actually didn’t get to make any of the decorations I thought of 😦 I guess they’ll have to wait until the next person leaves to go on maternity leave!
Feeling ambitious and want to try three cupcakes in one?

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