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Just before Christmas I was very excited to be asked to be a God Mother and also excited about being asked to do the Christening cake. The top tier of Matt and Beckie’s wedding cake had been stored for a couple of years, so I spent a few weeks feeding it with brandy before decorating it. I love the grey and yellow elephant theme they chose and had been asked to do a similar themed baby shower cake for the week before, you can see the cake here. They also requested some matching cupcakes, read on to find out more about these cute elephant cakes.

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I’ve been trying to think of events which are coming up soon, which I can make cupcakes for. The obvious ones came to mind – Halloween, bonfire night, birthdays etc. Most of the cupcakes I make end up at work, mainly because I can’t eat a whole batch myself so if I want to try a new recipe I might as well take them in! This week, it’s the last day before one of the girls I work with, Laura, goes on maternity leave. This occurred to me at the weekend on the train home and I started thinking of loads of “baby” related cupcakes. However, this week has been really busy at work so I had no time to make any decorations in advance so I actually didn’t get to make any of the decorations I thought of 😦 I guess they’ll have to wait until the next person leaves to go on maternity leave!
Feeling ambitious and want to try three cupcakes in one?

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As I mentioned in my previous post I couldn’t decide what flavour cupcakes to make for the Big Brew Up so I made two flavours! I’d faffed around for quite a while trying to make the spirals to go on top of the toffee apple cupcakes so I didn’t have much time so I wanted to do something fairly simple. I also wanted to do something which fitted in with the big brew up theme – so I decided to make “hot chocolate cupcakes”. For a change, I kept the decoration for these ones simple i.e. I just did a swirl of buttercream!

Click here if you need warming up!

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