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Sometimes simple is best – and when you’re short on time, it always is. I know that it I can get a batch of cupcakes made and iced with buttercream in just over an hour. However, I usually underestimate how long decorations take to make. These snowflakes though are super quick to make, and anybody can make them since the only skills required are being able to roll fondant icing out and use a plunger cutter.
Click here to make it snow!

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gingerbread family

I’ve got so many things to blog about and not enough time! I made these a couple of weeks ago with Becky when she came to stay. I’m having a baking weekend (again) this weekend and I made these (…again!) so I guess it makes sense to blog about these next. I’m baking Christmas presents for people this year and one of the things I’ve decided to make are mini gingerbread men and snowflakes – hopefully I’ll find time this weekend/next week to blog about the other things I’m making. If you want to make some gingerbread biscuits too click here.

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