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Just over a month ago it was Emily’s 4th Birthday! And being a typical 4 year old she wanted a unicorn cake. I’d never made one before but knew that it wouldn’t be long before I had a request for one! I decided to surprise Emily by making the cake rainbow coloured inside, click here to see inside my unicorn cake.

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IMG_4562I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen. This would be some people’s worst nightmare, but for me it’s a pretty perfect weekend. It was also snowing/sleeting for most of the weekend so being inside was definitely the best place to be. Sunday’s challenge was to make something caramel related for the Sunday Baking Club weekly theme – so I spent most of the day stirring caramel while it thickened, and then waiting for ages for it to cool down (look out for the recipe next week). However, the task for Saturday was very different – making a first birthday cake.

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