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flowers and flutterbiesI like all kinds of baking and cake decorating and I love being asked to make anything, but after 3 minions, 2 pandas, and a sooty cake, it made a nice change to be asked to make some pretty cupcakes. I also like being given the opportunity to come up with the decorations myself – the only instructions I was given for these was that they had to be purple and silver with flowers and butterflies. Perfect! Click here to keep reading.

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cookie monster cupcake

I only started this blog at the end of September 2012 but I’d done a lot of baking before that – I hadn’t realised quite how much until I started drafting this post. Although I’ve manged to post some of the things I made at the start of the year, I doubt they’ll all make it onto here in their entirety. So, here’s a summary of my favourite ones from each month….

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