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As it’s Father’s Day today, I couldn’t resist baking a special cake for my Dad as a present. He loves pies, so I thought I would have a go at making a cake and turning it into a pie! I used Pinterest to look for a few ideas and found a great cake made by Clinton’s Cakes with chips, peas and a red and white chequed table cloth. I wanted to make a cake that would keep well for a week and also be one of my Dad’s and hubby’s favourite flavours, so I chose a sticky ginger cake recipe that I have made a couple of times before. Click  here to try a slice of the pie.


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I never got round to writing about my Christmas cake last year and as I tried a new recipe I thought it was worth adding to our Christmas blogs this year. The recipe was from the Sainsbury’s magazine and was a really lovely moist squishy Christmas cake. Click

here to see the recipe for this yummy cake.

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It’s always fun to try new recipes of traditional things that people have reinvented. So when I was looking through my Christmas Olive magazine and came across a gluten free baking section I was very excited to see a recipe for Stollen bars. My husband’s family love Stollen – they spent several years living in Germany where Stollen originated. This recipe is amazing and well worth baking this Christmas. Click  here to try this recipe.

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P1200517I bake quite a lot of gluten-free cakes for my running club as there are several people that follow a gluten-free diet, so I was interested to see what this week challenge would be. When I saw that it was bread, all I could think about were the horrible gluten-free flat breads I had tried to make a few years ago, which were like cardboard! I didn’t think I would ever be making gluten-free bread again… Click here to see how I got on this time round.

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