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P1160752 Over the last few weeks it really has started to feel like spring has arrived. We now have lots of daffodils out in our garden and the sun has been shining! So I thought that this cake was perfect to blog about as it has a real spring feel to it. For our favourite fruit cake recipe and how to build your own family tree cake click here


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Ok, so these aren’t cupcakes but they were meant to go on top of some cupcakes. However, there seems to be a baking powder shortage. The Co-op at the of the road has stopped stocking baking powder (how ridiculous is that?!) so I thought that I would be able to get some from Sainsburys but similarly it has stopped stocking it and only had individual 30g sachets…. which, yep you guessed, were sold out! Forth supermarket later and I still hadn’t managed to find any – I think somebody is trying to stop me making so many cupcakes!! So I decided to give up on the cupcake idea and just go with the cookies but next time I find some in the supermarket (if anywhere still stocks it) I will be buying at least 10 pots of it so that this cannot happen again. If you’re also short of baking powder, click here.

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