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It was Emily’s 2nd Birthday last Friday  and to celebrate we had a small family party at the weekend. She absolutely loves Old MacDonald at the moment and we seem to spend every car journey singing it, along with all sorts of animals as well as some vehicles (usually fire engines and boats) and other random things like peas and macaroni cheese! So I decided to do a farm themed party and an Old MacDonald cake. Click  here to visit Old MacDonalds Farm.


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20140205-201340.jpg Last weekend was an epic baking weekend – I managed to make four cakes and a batch of cupcakes. I’m still not entirely sure how I fitted it all. Especially since I had a cake disaster – my first one ever. I guess I was due one! I still don’t know what went wrong, but a sponge cake exploded – it was like a volcano. We tried a bit and it tasted like vanilla sponge should so I’m completely baffled. But anyway, back to the minion…

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20140108-200258.jpg Last weekend I got to make another minion cake. I loved the first one I made for Tom’s birthday and really wanted to make another one, so I was pretty excited when he asked if I could make one for somebody he works with. Do you want to meet minion number 2?

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