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hatching chick cupcakesI have so many things to blog about that I struggled to decide which one to start with. After the lovely spring weather this weekend though I though it would be appropriate to blog about these little hatching chick cupcakes first. Are you ready to watch some chicks hatch into cupcakes?

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easter bunny cakeAfter I made a dinosaur cake for David’s son’s birthday, he asked me if I could make an Easter cake. As soon as he said he wanted a silly (rather than serious) cake, I came up with an idea… I loved the style of the drunk robin cake I made at Christmas and decided to make it Easter themed – so instead of drunk robins on a tree trunk, I wanted to make bunnies who’d eaten too many carrots on a raised vegetable bed. The problem is, now I’ve made it, I want to keep it! Click here to keep reading.

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