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IMG_2728Yesterday I spent all afternoon in the kitchen, decorating the Christmas cake, whilst listening to Christmas tunes. This has been a tradition, since as long as I can remember. Several months before Christmas, Becky and I usually discuss what design we’re each going to do that year. This year for me it was easy – I’d found two designs last year and only had time to do one, the penguin bowling cake. I’m glad I didn’t try to fit this one in last year since it literally took all afternoon to decorate. Click here if you want some elves to wrap your Christmas cake up for you!

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Last year I decided to make a slightly crazy Christmas cake, with lights and everything… and I’m not joking! I had seen a picture of this amazing cake and just couldn’t resist giving it a go. The style of the cake is what I imagine Mr Tumnus’s house looks like from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, so I thought I would to add a lampost too! Click here to find out how to light up your Christmas cake.

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Why did the penguin cover his eyes?

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