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A couple of weeks ago Em and I went on a 6 day Professional Intensive Cake Decorating Course at Squires Kitchen International. We had an amazing week refining our existing skills as well as learning some new techniques. Click here to see some of our creations.

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P1170661I love a bit of piping, so when I managed to convince my manager at work that I should make his wedding cake, I was really pleased to find out that the design they wanted was very rustic and two tiers would be completely covered in piped swirls.  Click here to keep reading about this rustic cake.

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This year I really wanted to practise my piping skills, so I decided that rather than making a conventional gingerbread house I would take my inspiration from Eastern Europe. Some of the gingerbread creations made there are truly incredible and the level of detail is exquisite. Click here to find out how to build a Christmas gingerbread village.

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gingerbread mittens

On Thursday night last week there was an amber warning in place for heavy snowfall overnight and all day Friday. It was also bitterly cold. Despite turning the heating on and having the fire on as soon as I got home, it still felt cold so I decided that in order to warm the house up a bit more, the best option was to turn the oven on. And if the oven is on then it’s rude not to bake something. So I decided to try out a new recipe for gingerbread biscuits – they keep for ages and they’re perfect dunked into tea. I cut some of it up to build some sledges and then the rest I used to make mittens.

Do you need some mittens to warm up? Yes I do!

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gingerbread family

I’ve got so many things to blog about and not enough time! I made these a couple of weeks ago with Becky when she came to stay. I’m having a baking weekend (again) this weekend and I made these (…again!) so I guess it makes sense to blog about these next. I’m baking Christmas presents for people this year and one of the things I’ve decided to make are mini gingerbread men and snowflakes – hopefully I’ll find time this weekend/next week to blog about the other things I’m making. If you want to make some gingerbread biscuits too click here.

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